Our Business

NaigaiTEC supports manufacturing with MDMS.

In today's manufacturing industry, product lifecycles are becoming shorter. Despite their investment in business, manufacturers are finding it difficult to take prompt action to supply the maximum number of products when demand is highest, and the risk of not making a profit is increasing.

To cope with this situation, our group provides outsourcing to clients for their business activities—from parts procurement to design, manufacture (comprehensive assembly), logistics, and after-sale service— because although we are a group of specialized trading companies, we also have design and manufacturing departments. This outsourcing solution enables clients to focus their managerial resources on strategically prioritized areas.

Our group aims to respond to a wide range of needs from procurement and sales (Mechatronics), design (Design), manufacturing (Manufacturing), and repair and maintenance (Services), by focusing our efforts on manufacturing. We will increase our lineup of various products to promote our MDMS (Mechatronics Design and Manufacturing Services) business policy.

  • Procurementand Sales
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair and Maintenance


  • Pneumatic
  • Vacuum
  • Mechatronics,
    FA equipment
  • Temperature
    control equipment
  • Fluid control
  • Measuring
  • Power and
    electronic device
  • Environmental and
  • Other products
    related to devices
    and logistics
  • Products for the
    semiconductor and
    liquidcrystal industry