Privacy Policy

Naigai TEC Corporation has established the following privacy policy in recognition of the importance of personal data protection.

1. Establishment of a personal data protection system
We shall ensure that its executives and employees recognize the importance of personal data protection, and shall establish a system for properly safeguarding personal data.
2. Collection, use, etc., of personal data
We shall formulate regulations governing the collection, use, etc., of personal data by us, and personal data shall be handled appropriately in accordance with these regulations.
3. Security control measures
We shall put in place information security procedures and other security control measures to ensure the security of personal data, and shall endeavor to prevent unauthorized access to personal data as well as the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of such data.
4. Respect for the rights of data subjects
We shall respect the rights of data subjects concerning their personal data, and we shall respond as prescribed by law to requests from data subjects pertaining to disclosure, correction, amendment, or deletion of their personal data and to termination of the provision of said data to third parties.
5. Compliance with laws and regulations
We shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, all relevant cabinet orders, and ministerial ordinances as well as other guidelines on handling personal data.

Handling of Personal Data on This Website

1. Personal data provided by customers themselves
We ask customers to provide personal data—name, address, date of birth, sex, telephone number, and e-mail address—for the purpose of supplying these customers with information about our products and businesses. In certain instances, customers may be asked to provide other personal data so that information can be supplied in accordance with their requests, but the provision of this data (except for certain required information) in such cases shall be optional.
2. IP addresses, cookies and Web beacons

We collect the IP addresses of computers used by customers connecting to the Internet for the purpose of managing this Website.

These IP addresses are collected on our servers solely to prevent unauthorized access, to enable prompt identification of the causes of our webserver failures and the restoration of service, and to manage/administer properly and securely the services provided via this Website; these IP addresses are never linked to customers’ personal data for use or disclosure.

We also collect information on customer usage of its Website services, but this information does not identify individuals for use or disclosure. When deemed necessary to protect this Website or customers, however, we may identify individuals via their IP addresses and take necessary countermeasures.

We utilize cookies and Web beacon technology to track the paths by which customers reach this Website, to record customer activities on this Website for us, and to evaluate and improve this Website to make it more useful for customers.

However, we do not use cookies or Web beacon technology to record data pertaining to individual customers, and information on specific customers is neither saved nor used. Website visitors can set their browsers to reject cookies or to warn them about incoming cookies.

3. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
We use SSL to safeguard customers’ personal data in order to ensure the security of personal data being sent by customers to this Website. Customers’ personal data is automatically encrypted when sent/received using an SSL-compliant browser.
4. Intended use of personal data

The intended uses of customers’ personal data is specified on each page of this Website that allows customers to register personal data.

We shall not use personal data registered by customers on these pages for any purposes other than those specified on the respective pages.

5. Provision to third parties and secondary use

Certain services requested by customers on this Website may require that customers’ personal data be shared to a necessary extent with third parties, and customers applying to utilize these services shall be notified of the need to provide this data to a third party and asked for their consent (when a customer requests pamphlets, brochures, etc., for example, we may need to provide the shipper/transporter with the customer’s name and address to arrange delivery of these materials).

We shall also not disclose customers’ personal data to third parties in instances other than the above without prior consent from the customers themselves, unless compelled to do so by exigent circumstances to protect lives or human rights; by legitimate requests from judicial, law enforcement, or other public authorities; or otherwise by legal or regulatory requirements.

6. Management of personal data

We exercise tight control of all personal data provided by customers using this Website to prevent loss or damages. We also store customers’ personal data in an environment accessible only by our Website administrators, and implements exacting security measures to prevent the leakage of personal data to third parties or the alteration of such data from the outside.

When contracting Website operation or the use, management, etc., of customers’ personal data to parties outside us, we shall strictly supervise and control the handling of personal data by the contracted companies.

7. Customer liability

This Website may at times link to other websites, and customers should verify for themselves the policies pertaining to the handling of personal data at these linked websites. Customers shall use this Website under their own responsibility, and we shall in no way be liable for any loss or damages incurred by the use of information obtained utilizing customers’ personal data from this Website or from other websites to which this Website has linked.

We may review the above policies whenever appropriate and make revisions to the same. All such revisions shall be posted on this page.

8. Inquiries about this privacy policy

Telephone number: 03-5433-1123

Hours of operation (weekdays): 9:00-17:00 (JST)