Management Philosophy and Policy

Management Philosophy

Naigai TEC Group will make the most of the group’s synergy to provide solutions and create value for our customers, aiming to become a leading company that swiftly provides information, merchandise, and services based on the good-faith creative application of valuable technology.

Management Policy

Charter of Corporate Conduct (Code of Ethics)

Naigai TEC Group aims to enhance its profitability through sound business activities, to develop in a sustainable manner, and to benefit society.

To achieve the above, we observe relevant laws, ordinances, and international rules; provide our customers with solutions while demonstrating good faith, enthusiasm, and creativity; fulfill our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen; and strive to improve our corporate value and quality to earn the trust of society in general and from the public.

It is our hope that our business partners, suppliers, and contractors will support and implement the spirit of this policy.

1. Customer Satisfaction
Naigai TEC Group develops and provides useful and safe merchandise, products, and services to its customers to earn their satisfaction and trust.
2. Doing Business Based on Compliance with Laws, Ordinances, etc.
Naigai TEC Group fully complies with laws, ordinances, and international rules to conduct appropriate business operations and participate in fair, transparent, and free competition. We also maintain sound and proper relationships with governmental and administrative organizations.
3. Promotion of Communication
Naigai TEC Group promotes mutual communication with a broad range of stakeholders and discloses corporate information in a timely and fair manner to improve management transparency. We also protect and manage data, including customer and personal information, in an appropriate manner.
4. Respect for Human Rights
Naigai TEC Group respects employee diversity and individuality, maintains safe and healthy working environments, and enables its employees to achieve work-life balance.
5. Proactive Environmental Initiatives
Naigai TEC Group proactively carries out activities to preserve the global environment as an essential element of the group’s development and activities.
6. Active Social Contribution Activities
Naigai TEC Group collaborates with local communities and governments as well as utilizes group management resources to promote active social contribution.
7. No Engagement with Anti-Social Forces
Under no circumstances will the Naigai TEC Group provide economic benefits to individuals or groups that are regarded to be anti-social forces. In collaboration with local communities and relevant organizations, we resolutely strive as a group to exclude anti-social forces.
8. Appropriate Response to Globalization
Naigai TEC Group, in response to the globalization of business, complies with the laws of each relevant country and region, and respects all international standards on human rights and related matters as well as cultures and customs.
The Naigai TEC Group Charter of Corporate Conduct is a basic policy (or standards) for the realization of the corporate philosophy of Naigai TEC Group in its business activities.

Standards of Quality

  • 1.Our job is to create benefits for the customer.
  • 2.We will provide top-level information, merchandise, and services to create customer benefits.
  • 3.All employees will strive for self-improvement to provide top-level information, merchandise, and services.
  • 4."Customer Service" and "Corporate Structures" are the targets of sustainable improvement to realize the "Quality Standards."

Basic Policies on Procurement Activities (Procurement Policies)

Based on the "Charter of Corporate Conduct" and with initiatives toward legal compliance and just corporate activities as important management issues, we fully comply with laws, ordinances, and international rules related to procurement in order to conduct appropriate business transactions and to participate in fair, transparent and free competition.

Basic Initiatives

  • Compliance with laws and ordinances related to procurement
  • Prioritization of green procurement
  • Responsible mineral procurement
  • Requesting that suppliers prioritize quality, safety, and green procurement
  • Establishing fair, transparent, and reliable relationships with suppliers
  • Promotion of cost reduction activities
  • Promotion of delivery date management
  • Promotion of global procurement

Basic Policies on Personnel Administration (Personnel Administration Policies)

Based on the "Charter of Corporate Conduct" and with initiatives toward respecting human rights as important management issues, we prohibit discrimination based on factors such as age, nationality, race, creed, and religion. We protect human rights and respect employee diversity, character, and individuality. We have no toleration for forced or child labor.

Basic Initiatives

  • Compliance with laws and ordinances on basic human rights and related clauses
  • Ensuring the autonomy of all employees and prohibition of forced and child labor
  • Prohibition of sexual and power harassment
  • Prohibition of discrimination in employment
  • Equal opportunities and ethical treatment
  • Capacity development and human resource training
  • Compliance with basic labor rights

Basic Policies on Occupational Safety and Health (Occupational Safety and Health Policies)

Based on the "Charter of Corporate Conduct" and with initiatives toward occupational safety and health as important management issues, we ensure safe, healthy working environments and achieve work-life balance.

Basic Initiatives

  • Compliance with laws and ordinances on occupational safety and health
  • Risk evaluation, identification, and promotion of risk reduction related to occupational safety in business activities
  • Maintenance and promotion of employee health, including mental health
  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Operation of the PDCA cycle for occupational safety and health targets
  • Promotion of work-life balance

Environmental Policies

Security Export Control Policies