Security Export Control

Our Security Export Control Efforts

Japan and most other major countries have established international frameworks (Multilateral export control regimes) with developed nations at the helm. This enables international society to cooperate with regard to the control of exports, etc. to prevent perpetrators of activities of concern, such as nations and terrorists which threaten the safety of Japan and the international community, from obtaining weapons and other goods and technology which can be transferred to military use.

In Japan, trade control initiatives from this security perspective are conducted through the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.

Out company has established regulations on security export control, and have been implementing them in order to ensure such control is conducted to maintain international peace and safety. We have also notified the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of our company’s security export control regulations.

Basic Policy Regarding Security Export Control

We have established the following Basic Policy for security export control.

  • 1.Activities that violate the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law shall not be conducted for exporting restricted goods, etc.
  • 2.In order to observe the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law and implement appropriate export control, a security export control manager is established to develop and enhance export control systems.

Our Security Export Control Systems

Chief Export Control Officer,Manager of the Legal Department,General Manager of Export Control,Manager of Export Control,Sales Management Department Overseas Sales Division,Sales Management Department Various business offices

We have reported our management regulations for security export control to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.