Our Sustainability Initiatives

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Semiconductors and FPDs are installed in various products, including those in the mobile, audio-visual equipment, and data server markets. Such products play an important role in our data-driven society, which is accelerating as technologies such as IoT, AI, and 5G spread to realize a more convenient, wealthier society.

Our Group's management philosophy aims to contribute to resolving social issues and to supporting society's development through enhanced manufacturing technology/productivity and sales of environmentally friendly materials and unit components, including pneumatic equipment used in devices such as those for FPD manufacturing and semiconductor manufacturing, which is our main line of business.

We believe that we can promote sustainability by embodying our management philosophy.

In addition, we will actively promote the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which are common goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015.

System for Promoting Sustainability

1. Organization
Sustainability Promotion Officer
Sustainability Committee
Sustainability Implementation Managers
Sustainability Implementation Leaders
2. Sustainability Committee
Description Voting on sustainability policies
Voting on materiality
Bringing bills up for Board meetings
Support for setting annual sustainability goals per department according to Board policy decisions
The PA of materiality PDCA
Chairperson Representative Director
Committee members In-house Directors, Department Managers (General Managers/Managers), and Representative Directors of subsidiaries
Executive Office General Affairs Department
Schedule Generally held quarterly. Also held when deemed necessary by the Chairman.
3. System for Promotion
The Sustainability Promotion Officer reports to the Board of Directors on proposals and activities related to sustainability activities discussed by the Sustainability Committee.
Sustainability Implementation Managers (Division Managers) set annual sustainability goals based on priority sustainability issues (materiality) decided at the Board of Directors meeting, formulate the "ESG Action Plan," and obtain approval from the Sustainability Committee to implement promotion.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Philosophy

Naigai TEC Corporation has positioned global environment preservation as an important management issue, and reduces its environmental burden through business activities with respect to all components it deals in, including semiconductor and FPD manufacturing equipment and general industrial machinery, as well as with regard to the sales of such equipment.

Certification acquired by the Headquarters and the Tokyo Office

Environmental Policies

  • 1.We have established the following policies to reduce the environmental burden generated by our business activities as much as possible, and to contribute toward the promotion of a biodiverse society by preventing environmental pollution.
    • (1)We increase work efficiency and eliminate waste.
    • (2)We promote the cyclic use of resources through the 3Rs: by reducing the consumption of resources and the generation of waste, by reusing products, and by recycling resources.
    • (3)We promote the reduction of greenhouse gases (initiatives to control and reduce CO2 emissions).
    • (4)We promote the sale of environmentally friendly merchandise and the provision of information on such merchandise.
    • (5)We implement rigorous toxic chemical management with regard to the products we sell in accordance with the demands of our business partners.
  • 2.We comply with environment-related laws and restrictions, and other requirements that our company agrees to.
  • 3.We establish, periodically review, and continuously strive to improve our environmental objectives and goals.
  • 4.We run training and information campaigns to ensure that everyone who works in our organization is aware of our environmental policies, and also publish our environmental policies on our website and in other media.

Revised July 1, 2012